NFC and Gaysky GOK optimize the process of ore delivery from distant deposits

New Forwarding Company, JSC has optimized the process of ore delivery to Gaysky GOK (an enterprise of raw material complex of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company) from Dombarovskaya group of deposits ("Letneye", "Osenneye" and "Levoberezhnoye"). NFC replaced the fleet of open box cars engaged in carriage of ore for Gaysky GOK by specialized dump cars. In addition, a strict schedule of shipment for circular routes was introduced. As mentioned by experts of Gaysky GOK, the revised scheme of ore delivery did not require large capital investments by the company. To enable a dump car to approach a receiving hopper, only the 500m railway section located within the territory of the factory was moved closer to the station of preliminary crushing, and builders performed reconstruction of existing racks - weighing and unloading ones.

Such a solution allowed the factory to completely exclude motor-based carriage from its logistics. As mentioned by its representatives, the innovation has already resulted in an increase in volume of carriage from 110 to 135 thousand tons a month and a significant decrease in discharge time. As of now, the unloading of a batch of dump cars takes just an hour instead of three as before.

NFC has been working with Gaysky GOK since 2004 and performs ore carriage for the factory by using its own train vehicles.


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