Service package

Our employees’ expertise in combination with well developed infrastructure ensures that we provide our clients and partners with efficient cost-competitive rail based transport services.

NPK performs the full transportation service package:

  • freight transportation using private rolling-stock;
  • freight transportation using private trains;
  • railcar rent;
  • complex rail based logistical solutions for oil companies and terminals;
  • external service of industrial transport infrastructure;
  • separate track lines exploitation;
  • freight traffic control.


We move:

  • coal and coke;
  • ferrous metals;
  • ore;
  • bulk oil, oil products and chemicals;
  • construction materials;
  • forest products.

bulk oil and oil products transportation

In the area of bulk oil and oil products transportation NPK offers “turnkey” service package:

  • freight transportation in private specialized tank-cars (bitumen, benzol, styrene and other);
  • freight transportation using private main-line and switch locomotives;
  • regulated cooperation with loading points;
  • elaboration of optimal loaded and empty routes;
  • daily span increase up to 1 000 km (provided monthly freight volumes exceed 500 000 tones);
  • freight services on industrial approach lines.


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